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A larger than-life environment for event production.

Elevate your Holiday Party.

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Elevate your event.

Infinity Park Event Center is a world-class facility in the heart of an international destination. Constructed as part of the Infinity Park complex, possibilities at the Event Center extend beyond its walls: Events can extend to the rugby facility’s outdoor spaces, from the intimate terrace to the rugby pitch itself, which can host thousands. Located near Leetsdale and Colorado, the Event Center is easily accessible, and its proximity to Glendale’s dining and entertainment options, the Cherry Creek shopping center, and downtown Denver makes it an ideal location for any event that includes out-of-town guests. Most importantly, the Event Center staff’s deep experience in sales, operations, and production ensures that each event moves seamlessly from client vision to a unique experience each guest will remember.

Nonprofit success assisted by event venue capabilities

Nonprofit organizations use special events.

Events are forged in the details

Create moments worth remembering

It starts long before an event day

Preparation, organization, and execution.

Wedding Time-lapse

The ballroom can adapt quickly.

It pays to be merry with us

Holiday events gifted $1,500.

International Ballroom

American Crew at InfinityPark Event Center

Inside the ballroom the surround screens create a larger than-life environment.

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Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Located on level two of the event center, Infinity Park offers two conference rooms.

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Try Club

Colorado Bank Event

The private Try Club is an ideal space for a VIP reception, meeting or small banquet.

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Westerra Sports Plaza

Westerra Plaza at Infinity Park Event Center

The Westerra Sports Plaza, located mid-field, is an ideal outdoor event space.

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AlphaGraphics Terrace

The Terrace at Infinity Park Event Center

Located on the rooftop level of the stadium, VIP guests will receive an unmatched view.

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Festival Plaza

Outdoor event space Denver

The Festival Plaza is ideally suited for picnics, team building, weddings, concerts, & festivals.

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Stadium Field

Stadium Field at Infinity Park

The Stadium Field is ideally suited for your outdoor events, like concerts, festivals or even movie nights.

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Habitat for Humanity

It’s been wonderful to work with production team. Every step of set up. [They are] great at setting expectations and making sure there are no surprises. For events, that’s extremely important. There is a wow factor when you walk into the room, and you see the event space coming together.

Robin Burns, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager


“We decided to do a fight night event. To make a long story short, we exceeded all of our expectations. Our attendees were blown away by the ambiance. Thank heavens for the staff, because there’s no way I could make [it] happen. It was turnkey. Our president wanted to know everything that was going on. The one thing I didn’t let him see until that night was the surround video screen. This man is never speechless, and he was speechless.”

Kathie Barstnar, President

Slavens School

“In addition to having a fantastic event, we also beat all of the numbers that we’ve had in the past. We brought in more revenue than we ever have in the past, and we give a lot of the credit to the venue.”

Becca Mahoney, Co-Chair

Comcast Spotlight

“They chose the venue because they’re a technically savvy company. Infinity Park has the 360 video wall, it was a match made in heaven. The way the audience can feel that emotion, that content, and it is surrounding you at all times, we wanted to audience to feel the magnitude of what the venue can bring to an event.”

Chris Starkey, Partner, AXS Group

RK Mechanical

“RK decided to host Base Camp, our annual all-employee meeting, at IPEC for the second year in a row due to our great experience with the venue. We had sophisticated audio/visual needs and IPEC’s staff was very helpful and responsive in ensuring that our visual and audio content worked without a hitch. The venue set-up and tear-down went smoothly and the entire production was a success. We’ll be back again!”

Heather Gallien, Director of Marketing and Communications