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Case Studies show Successful Events at Infinity Park

by | Mar 16, 2016

High School Prom

Like the launch of a spaceship, a large event should look effortless. It should impress. It should transport those in attendance to a different place than when they walked inside.

But, the truth is, events don’t always work out like that. Behind the scenes, it’s complicated. Weeks and months of preparation are needed. Dozens of people spend hundreds and thousands of hours working through details, large and small. At the time of the event itself, all the moving pieces get set to motion. The event comes alive, seemingly carried along by sheer momentum. If the event is in good hands, the result is spectacular to watch—and be part of. If not, it can feel like you’re barely hanging on.

It is hardly a secret in the business world that events can be extremely effective for their bottom line. According to the Content Marketing Institute, events were ranked number one for the sixth year running as the most effective business-to-business marketing tactic.

Whether you’re hosting a trade show, and annual meeting, or a fundraiser, there are a few strategies you can employ to set up your event for success:

  • First, finding ways to leverage technology is essential, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. In an article about trade show trends in 2016 on Professional Convention Management Association’s website, Elena Grant, vice president, marketing for National Trade Productions, said: “We need to look at the entire landscape of technology. The key is understanding what your participants need from that technology.”
  • Events that have a clearly stated goal have a better chance of delivering a good return on investment.

Planning events can be a time consuming and sometimes daunting affair. It is essential to work with professionals along the way who make the process easier for your team. Hiring an event planner can be a beneficial tact, or if you choose to handle the event internally, be sure to start with the event venue. The staff at event venues know all the who’s who in the event world and can direct you to vendors who will meet all your event needs.

Infinity Park Event Center creates events that truly take off, events that transcend the ordinary. Both the staff and the facility at the Event Center deliver unique advantages to each event, helping them stand out. As the following case studies show, choosing Infinity Park Event Center is choosing to have a successful event.

Travel Expo at Infinity Park

Creating the Wow Factor

Kathie Barstnar of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association wanted to host a fight night event. She said the production staff at Infinity Park made producing such a creative event seem seamless. “Thank heavens for the staff, because there’s no way I could make that happen,” she said. “It was turnkey.” When attendees walked into the room, Barstnar said they were “blown away by the ambiance.” But perhaps the biggest sign of approval came before the event. “Our president wanted to know everything that was going on leading up the event,” she said. “The one thing I didn’t let him see until that night was the surround video screen. This man is never speechless … and when he walked in the room, he was speechless.”

Meeting the Needs of Sophisticated Customers

RK Mechanical’s annual all-employee meeting is their most important employee event of the year. In addition to being a fun change of pace, there’s business to be done. There’s a lot on the line. Accordingly, Heather Gallien, director of marketing and communications for RK Mechanical, said that flawless production is absolutely necessary to ensure every minute is utilized. For the second year in a row, they turned to the Event Center to make that happen. “We had sophisticated audio-visual needs, and IPEC’s staff was very helpful and responsive in ensuring that our visual and audio content worked without a hitch. The venue set-up and tear-down went smoothly. The entire production was a success.”

Earning the Respect of the Pros

Chris Starkey is partner at AXS Group, an event production company. Last year, he produced an event for Comcast Spotlight. He said Infinity Park Event Center was a perfect match for Comcast Spotlight because they’re a technically savvy company. “Infinity Park has the 360 video wall, so it was a match made in heaven,” he said. “The way the audience can feel that emotion, that content, and have it surround you at all times: We wanted to audience to feel the magnitude of what the venue can bring to an event.” As an event professional, thoughtful details like green room space for presenters and performers and a grand reception area that welcomes people into the building, stood out to Starkey. “All the elements worked together,” he said. “It was a first-class operation for a first-class client.”

Fundraising Event

Exceeding Event Goals

When Becca Mahoney and Megan Perkins co-chaired a fundraising event for Slavens Elementary School, they needed a venue that would not just be the site of a fun event, but also one that would help them meet their fundraising goals. “The minute we walked in the door, we were just wowed. It was so easy,” Perkins said. Throughout the planning process, the Infinity Park Event Center’s staff helped make efficient use of the volunteers’ time. During the event, the video screen in the ballroom was ideal for showing a parent-produced video that kicked off the night, and it also allowed the event’s corporate sponsorships to receive recognition, as sponsor logos were displayed throughout the night. In the end, the event was a complete success. “In addition to having a fantastic event, we also brought in more revenue than we ever have in the past, and we give a lot of the credit to the venue,” Mahoney said.

Transcending the Ordinary

The staff at Infinity Park Event Center ensures that each event is designed to meet the goals and dreams of each individual client. In a world where returning customers is a great indication of quality, than Infinity Park Event Center is delivering, as Kathie Barstnar’s story shows: “When we talked to sponsors about going to a larger facility next year because the event sold out, the sponsors said, ‘no, this is a great facility; charge us more if you have to.’”

When it comes to business, at the end of the day business managers and owners care about one thing – return on investment. A carefully planned and targeted event with built in metrics to track the success of the event can deliver just that.

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