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Event Venues that Stand Out

by | Nov 16, 2015

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The power of first impression is an oft-studied phenomenon of the human brain.

A quick scan of recent academic inquiries reveal the following:

  • A person begins making judgements about another person within milliseconds of seeing a stranger’s face for the first time.
  • When a subject was shown a photo of a person, inferences about the person in the photograph remained when the subject was introduced to that person one month later.
  • External factors, such as clothing and posture, influence our first impressions, despite the fact that we often state that these don’t matter.

In the context of event planning, it’s important to keep first impressions in mind. You want a venue that stands out. Infinity Park Event Center does just that. The Event Center takes advantage of its association with the Infinity Park campus, complementing traditional event spaces, such as the grand ballroom and conference rooms, with unique, less traditional outdoor spaces such as the terrace, plazas, and even the rugby pitch itself.

Next comes a dedication to getting the details right. The Event Center staff brings to the table a deep experience in operations and event production and comes equipped with the latest in high-end video, audio, and lighting technology. They excel at using all the tools at their disposal to transform impressive spaces into memorable ones, bringing your vision into reality. The result is an event that leaves guests walking away with experiences they keep talking about. From the first impression to the last, let the Infinity Park Event Center help you make an event that stands out.

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