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Multi Event Discounts at Infinity Park

by | Apr 22, 2015

There With Care Event

Looking for an event space can be like looking for a house.

You have a list of needs and a list of wants. Typical entries on these lists probably look familiar: Easy access for attendees, modern amenities and technology, the right sized space, a relaxing setting, an event center contact who returns your calls promptly, professional event staff, a reasonable price.

A typical outcome is this: On a good day, your needs are mostly met and anything you get from the list of wants is just a bonus.

There’s something out of touch with that expectation. For a couple bucks, you can customize a cheeseburger to your exact specifications. When you’re paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars, to host an event, you shouldn’t need to make sacrifices.

Infinity Park Event Center doesn’t make you settle for less. It offers spaces that can hold groups of people ranging from a few dozen to a few thousand. Equipped with HDTV, plug-and-play projection, dry erase boards, and a variety of table layouts, each space can be molded to fit your vision. The staff works not only to make sure your event runs smoothly, but also to make sure your budget remains intact. Booking a company picnic and holiday party? The Infinity Park Event Center can offer up to a 30-percent discount, depending on the situation. Booking multiple events or multiple rooms can save up to 10 percent.

Let Infinity Park Event Center turn your idea for an event into a memorable experience. Go ahead—make a list. Aim big. We’ll make it happen.

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