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Premier in-house event production services.

How do you wow your guests, hit a homerun with your message, communicate your theme, and make your event stand out? The answer is with Infinity Park Event Center’s production capabilities. Let us surround your guests with priceless sophistication to produce an unforgettable show. This is where imagination can become reality.

Check out the video, audio and lighting capabilities, then select which video package best suits your event needs with our in-house event production company.

Video packages defined

Infinity Park Event Center’s International Ballroom features unique giant screens that wrap 360-degrees around the room, ideal for featuring your program and theme elements—everything from graphic images to landscape scenes, sponsor logos to committee names, photos to videos. Our staff of experienced event production professionals will customize your event, captivating your guests’ attention and delivering your message in dramatic fashion.

Have a one-of-a-kind event?

Let us create a customized, unique event production package. Our team of experienced production professionals will consult with you to create a customized look and feel for your event. We will create, select and program images to match your vision, program all of our projection technology to move and flow with the program of your event and wow your guests with visual images.

Event audio defined

Infinity Park provides the following audio components for your event as a part of the venue rental fee:

  • 1 microphone at podium on stage
  • Ballroom house sound
  • Line arrays and floor speakers
  • Digital audio mixer and technician

Additional audio features and services are available upon request for an additional fee:

  • Additional microphones
  • Additional audio technicians
  • Additional stage monitors
  • Additional floor speakers
  • Additional sub mixers on the floor
  • Audio recording to flash drive

Event lighting defined

Your venue rental fee includes set stage lights plus our set house lighting system to illuminate your audience and guests. These LED lights provide a beautiful and warm glow in the room. We can also create a custom lighting setting for your event (additional fees apply):

  • Moving LED colored theatrical lights
  • Pin spot lights and star lights
  • LED perimeter lights
  • Custom gobos
  • Specialty accent lights
  • Custom color on our expansive corner curved screens

Production Packages

Please download the package information for your files.


Event Production Equipment and Capabilities

Production design

The Infinity Park Event Center is not just a space that can hold a large number of people: It’s built to create high caliber, professionally produced events that take advantage of high-end audio visual equipment. Accomplishing this requires more than a few speakers in the corner and a projector overhead. The company that designed the lighting at Denver’s Civic Center and Union Station have also shaped the Event Center to be powerful and flexible enough to transform your vision into reality.

A total of 26 moving light fixtures (a combination of Auras and 85Rs) can light up IPEC in nearly limitless different ways.

Martin M2PC lighting console
The M2PC control surface is a powerful PC-based lighting controller with a powerful effects engine, 1,000 cuelists with fader control, and an extensive fixture library. Its 3.5-inch touchscreen and 8 customizable function keys make using the M2PC easy and efficient.

Black Magic 4k Switcher
While most switchers today are outputting standard, 1080 resolution, IPEC’s switcher is capable of crisp, ultra HD 4K resolution.

Vista Spyder Video Processor
The Christie Vista Spyder video processor packs a punch with capabilities such as smooth, user-defined transitions, real-time window resizing and positioning, full motion path editing with velocity control at each key frame, and the ability to quickly apply looks to multiple video layers with user-defined treatments. Two background buffers lets users mix between high-resolution, still backdrops for PIP images, or background inputs without having to use any of Christie Spyder’s inputs to prevent screens from going to black.

Yamaha QL5 and QL1 audio board
The QL series consoles feature 2-track and multitrack recording capability. Built-in automatic mixing functionality from Dan Dugan Sound Design gives optimum channel balance so the operator can focus on optimizing the overall experience.

The ability to respond swiftly and surely to multiple, rapidly changing demands is essential for effective live sound support. QL series consoles feature large touch-panel displays as well as “Touch and Turn” knobs that make up a remarkably smooth, efficient control interface. Attention has also been paid to details such as fader feel and channel name display visibility in order to deliver a sophisticated overall operating experience. Remote control and offline setup capability via an iPad or computer adds even more refinement to an already state-of-the-art operating environment.

Several mics, including wireless, handheld, and headset, are available giving the flexibility to produce any kind of event.

A dozen Christie projectors, including a new Christie Boxer Digital 2k20 projector, help fill the room with presentations, videos, or even decorative displays. The Christie Boxer 2K20 is a 20,000 lumen, 60Hz, 3DLP projector specifically designed for events at larger venue events.