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The new wall of roses

by | Sep 27, 2016

living wall at events

Living walls have made a splash in the past few years.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West exchanged vows in front of a wall of roses. One of the highlights of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s new building is a mesmerizing wall of greens. A floral wall at any event makes a splash, but it comes at a high cost. Creative agency Curate estimates that “to cover an 8’x8′ wall with fresh roses could cost upwards of $6,100 just for roses alone.” Unless the event is outside, neutral-toned wallpapers are often the only option. A bold alternative to having actual flowers or neutral colors is to drape the room in a digital floral display.

When people leave an event at Infinity Park Event Center, there’s a common refrain: “those video screens were amazing!” The video screens that circle the room are a defining characteristic of the international ballroom, technology that transforms each event into a truly unique environment, one with texture and personality. Past events at the Event Center, particularly weddings, have used that capability to project a floral theme, an embellishment that creates a soft, intimate space for the reception to unfold in. Guests leave with memories of a space that stood out, that transcended their expectations of what a wedding reception can be. Just because you can’t order a wall of roses doesn’t mean you can’t dream large.

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