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Top Trends to watch for in 2016 — Meetings & Events Industry

by | Dec 15, 2015

Holiday Party Venue

The holiday season brings the 2015 event calendar to a close, and event production specialists from across the country are now turning their attention to what’s ahead.

Look to any one of them, and you’re likely to find a variation on the following principle guiding their thought process for 2016: “It’s not an event—it’s an experience.”

On SpecialEvents.com, a representative from a San Diego special events firm stated: “It’s about so much more than just the color of the linens or arrangement of the centerpieces–inspiring, shared experiences are more meaningful and memorable and help people connect on a deeper level, and more and more planners are considering this…”

Experiences involve creating opportunities for people to connect with others, building new relationships and enriching old ones. The effects of a quality event will last well beyond last call: People will carry the momentum of your event forward. Your event is the beginning—a catalyst—of something bigger.

Incorporate this powerful idea when planning your next event. Think broadly about your objectives and let the Event Center’s experienced staff can help you transcend your event from ordinary to something extraordinary.

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