Elevated Event: Centura Health

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Event Type: Employee Conference
Elevated Event: Centura Health

Event Type: Conference
Event Spaces: Conference Rooms, International Ballroom, Try Club, Festival Plaza
Number of Guests: 500
Catering: Catering by Design
Event Rentals: Butler Rents

Event Description:
Centura Health held a 2 day conference for approximately 500 of their employees. The majority of the activity for the conference was centered around or in the International Ballroom on both days with all day programs. Day 1 Centura employees went to the Festival Plaza for lunch and again that evening for a tailgate party and Monday Night Football. Conference Rooms and TRY Club were set up to be used as spaces for guests to get away and take phone calls or check emails. Additionally, the TRY Club was setup as a coffee bar for guests.

Day 2 found Centura employees and guests back in the International Ballroom where the day’s event consisted of final presentations for the morning.

Centura Health took full advantage of not only the event spaces, but our Premium Audio-Visual package as well, including event production featuring the following: Use of our front screen and HD projector, side-screen LED lights created a color wash on the other screens to match the décor, custom digital signage around the venue plus custom images on the side and rear screens. Our 80 foot-long side screens, operated by Infinity Park production staff, were the ideal spot to highlight important elements like sponsors, partners, images, graphics, photo loops, powerpoints, prezis, and video content.

Infinity Park Staff

Infinity Park Staff

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