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“Architects can’t force people to connect, [but it can] plan the crossing points, remove barriers, and make the meeting places useful and attractive.” – Denise Scott Brown, architect

Consider a few of the most common factors used to evaluate a site to hold a team-building event: Proximity to the office. Wherever makes planning easiest. Repeating what you did last year. Lowest price you can find.

Those common responses all have one thing in common: They have absolutely nothing to do with team building. Too often, the decision to host a team-building event is more about what comes before and after than what takes place on the ground during the day.

What goes on during the day — building trust, exercising communication skills, developing teamwork, deepening relationships through shared experiences, disrupting routine with a jolt of newness — is the reason you’re there. So make the most of it. Ensure your team is inspired, motivated, and leaves in a positive mindset by choosing a space that was built to elicit these characteristics.

Festival Plaza at Infinity Park Event Center

Festival Plaza Square Feet

Festival Plaza Max Capacity

Indoor Events at Infinity Park

Indoor Square Feet

Infinity Park offers an endless supply of options for team building events in spaces designed to support and uplift teams of all kinds. Indoor and outdoor spaces capable of hosting a few dozen or a few hundred let you design the day with your team in mind.

Festival Plaza, for example, allows people to feel reinvigorated, walking on grass under the Colorado sun, while the amenities and facilities needed throughout the day lie only steps away. The Plaza’s 37,000 square feet can facilitate breaking into multiple small groups or coming together for an activity for the entire team.

Perhaps best of all, when you plan an event at Infinity Park, you don’t just sign up for a space—you sign on with Colorado’s premier event planning staff, who ensure that your team’s needs and wants are realized. The City of Glendale’s central location and ease of access makes choosing Infinity Park a no-brainer.

Team building events are supposed to be challenging. Finding a space to hold them shouldn’t be.

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